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Parents and Carers

Supporting your child to understand their health
This website is aimed at providing information for children and young people to better understand their rights when they are using the NHS. As a parent or carer you can play an important role in supporting your child to develop their own understanding of their health and care, and as they grow older support them to take more responsibility for managing their own health and care.

For younger children
Hospitals, surgeries, doctors and nurses can all seem scary to young children, especially if they don't understand what is happening. Monkey Wellbeing has a range of fun resources that help explain what young children can expect, all with a little help from monkey!

Understanding the Health System

The Expert Parent ProgrammeDeveloped with parents, for parents, the Expert Parent Programme is a parent lead programme that helps parents  of disabled children and young people to become more confident and resilient when engaging with health services.
It also brings together lots of information about the health service in one place.

Contact A Family is a charity for parents and carers of disabled children. They have lots of resources that can help

Family Lives provides help and support for parents

Support for Mental Health Issues
Mental health issues can be one of the most challenging things for parents to deal with.  The charity Young Minds has information about what it means for you as a parents, and what your options are.