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Extra Info!

Additional Resources on your rights

Sometimes when you are using the NHS you might want to know more detailed information about what you are going through. The good news is there is a lot of information out there that can help you.

More about the NHS Constitution

You can read the whole NHS Constitution if you want all the information
There is also an easy read that sets everything out in a simple clear way

Information about Health Conditions

Great Ormond Street is the biggest children’s hospital in the UK, and it has lots of information about what you need to know about different health conditions


Get help with communicating with health professionals.
Me First: a website that has loads of information and tips about communication with health professionals
NDCS My life, My health: Help for deaf young people's access to healthcare services
Afasic: information for young people with communication issues

Mental Health

If you want to know about more about mental health services and your rights here are some places to start:
YoungMinds: Guide to your rights and mental health services
Head Meds: Find out about mental health medication and what it means for you
Beat HelpFinder: Guidance for young people worried about eating disorders

Children and young people in care

Your Rights when you're  care
The Who Cares Trusts: What children and young people in care should expect from health services
Info4carekids: explains health services for children in care


The NHS does lots of research with young people, if you are asked to take part and want to know what would happen and what your rights are you can find out here. Young people share personal experiences of taking part in research
Nuffield health: Yours rights when taking part in research

Healthy Choices Drugs, Alcohol and Sexual Health

If you have questions or worries about life choices and the health service then there are places that can help.
Brook: Your rights when using sexual health services
Education for Choice: Information on your right to good sexual health and abortion services
Great Ormond Street: tips on staying healthy
Talk to Frank: Advice and support around drugs and alcohol


LGBT Foundation: know your rights about LGBT issues
Information for young people about gender identity and health issues

Extra Info on your health

The Site: Your guide to the real world: Information and articles for young people on using health services
Citizens Advice: Information for young people on rights around health and the body

More Rights

You don’t just have rights when you are using health services, you have rights in many areas of your life.
Coramvoice can help you find out your rights and how to uphold them
Children Right Alliance for England sets out the law about human rights for children and young people
The Refugee Council has information about the rights of migrant and refugee children and young people